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Silent Island

The Silence Here Is Deafening

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this comm isn't for finding something to do on the island or to convince ourselves it doesn't suck, because in some aspects it just does, but conversely in some it doesn't. this is just here so we can have an actual community of people, not just a who's who list of staten island ljers. and the only requirement for joining is that you live here, lived here or commute here semi-regularly. this isn't to say there aren't any rules though. stupidity of any sort will not be tolerated of course, and for christ's sake if you're gonna talk about local bands/shows or coffee shops take it to the OTHER comms, that's what they're more or less there for now. refusal to leave your house or this island is also frowned upon, and if you don't want to be an actual part of this community then just stick with the other ones. but this right here's for the dreamers.

let's watch a movie, play some hack, plan a costume/theme party, deathmatch a group of people we just met, watch some anime...let's just do SOMETHING that's not at home or in a coffee shop...let's play.