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Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 02:05 am yo yo.
since i'm an idiot and didn't mention it in the first post i should say it now - READ THE USER INFO.  this here's for people who not only wanna talk to interesting islanders but also meet and chill as a group.  if you join and you're inactive or refuse to come to ANY meetups i may remove you during periodic sweeps!  i want this to be a community of chill people, not another list of names.  don't be afraid to chill.  we don't bite.  unless you want us to.  ^_^.

and for those of you who are worried about being extremely nervous...we can always break the ice with an intro session.
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Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 01:59 am A friendly Hi and hello
So I guess I get to introduce myself huh?
My name's Jill, I'm 19 (20 soon... Jebus, I'm old), and I was born and raised here on Staten Island.
But currently, I go to school at SUNY Purchase (which is where I can be found most of the year).
I, however, know absolutely no one on this island (I have a whole of 3 friends here, honestly). I like the idea of just meeting people and chilling someplace.
Currently - unemployed.
I like to read, and play video games. Anyone know what a LARP is? I run/play 2 up at school.
I'm a psych major, and go see Broadway shows on a regular basis (at least once a year, usually more).

I'd personally prefer to meet peoples in free locale (read the part about me being a college student and unemployed)... but, mostly, as long as it's not clubs, and I can get there via bus (or better yet - walking) I'm good with it.

I live on Victory, right next to Willowbrook park.

I also went to Moore Catholic High School and St. Teresa (for grade school) if anyone really /must/ know.

..I'm also currently playing with Silly Putty, because I'm just that awesome.
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Jul. 25th, 2004 @ 06:58 pm (no subject)
yep yep hello all to yet another si community...about the only thing different here is i'm gonna try and make it an actual community of friends, not just a buncha people on the same comm.  you probly won't see much activity, but oh well.  if you're wantin to join, you'd better be open to events, and attend at least a few of them.  every so often i'll sweep the list and delete inactives or people who just don't show up or do anything, so you've been warned.

the layout's totally inappropriate for the namesake, but until i figure out what i want it's staying that (i also can't choose component ;_;).  as for what our first gathering should be...we'll wait until we get at least 5-10 people.  i was thinking a movie and maybe a bite to eat before or after, some game room time since they're getting popular on the island now (late, of course), or even something as simple as hanging out somewhere and talking or people watching.  we'll hold a poll when the time comes but if you've got a suggestion by all means comment!

lastly, once you've been approved please introduce yourselves.  it's not necessary to tell us all about you but just say hi and what you might be into or what activities you might be interested in or want the group to be interested in.  since this is probably going to be the first entry for a while, just comment in this one for your first intros.  SAY HI DAMMIT!  XD

btw i'm Rymel, and i'm into damn near anything.  that should things real easy.
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